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    Thu, Apr 26 2012 08:48:27
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New Government on twitter!

It is always a great buzz monitoring Lebanese tweeps over government failures, collapses and formations, this is what happened in the first few minutes after the new government formation was announced:


Do you think the new government formation will make a difference in the development of our society? (Poll)
بعد ان تشكلت الحكومة.. لكم من الوقت تحتاج لوضع البيان الوزاري؟ (Poll)


The month of March can’t get anymore festive in Lebanon, almost everything is happening this March!!

1. Continuous marches against the sectarian regime across the country (twitter is flooding with images and tweets)
2. March 8/14 (no comment)
3. Lebanon Aggregator announced the “Top 10 Blogs in Lebanon
4. March 9, Have you seen Old Beirut?
4. March 11,  Lebanon’s No.1 Blog (see above) turns 1 .. This is Beirut by @meinlebanon
5. March 12, Lebanese Voices Blog turns 1!
6. March 14, Ink on the Side turns 1!
7. March15, The Maronite Church Elects Its 77th Patriarch
8. March 16 (TODAY) Blog Baladi turns 1 as well!!
(( baby-blog-boom last March 2010?!?!))
9. March 22-25 Conference next week in Beirut
10. March 24 Twestival Beirut if you haven’t planned to go yet, What are you waiting for?
11. More marches in March (maybe the name pun makes it an appropriate month for marching)

have we missed anything? let us know!

Freaking Out About Beirut Security! (via Ink On The Side – @sareen_ak)

Do you feel secure with all the security all over Beirut?
Well, Sareen has something to say about it…

Freaking Out About Beirut Security! Seriously, I get that you have to protect us and everything, but seeing you in the morning while I’m just trying to park my car and go to work is freaking me out!  So much for a stress free Monday *grumble*! Anyway, hope you have a great day! … Read More

via Ink On The Side

On a Lebanese Movie Night.

Have you missed the trending topic of Lebanese movies last week!!
we caught a huge chunk of them  for you!

Despicable You #Lebanesemovies
18 angry sect #LebaneseMovies
Pirates of Parliament #Lebanesemovies

You’ve Got (10 minutes later) Mail #Lebanesemovies

على فكرة: je t’aime #lebanesemovies
The Last King of Da7ieh #LebaneseMovies
The Wizard of Ouzaii #LebaneseMovies
Gone in 60 seconds #internet #electricity #water #Lebanesemovies
The Curious Case of Wael Kfoury #LebaneseMovies
Frank Miller’s ” SIN el Fil” #lebanesemovies
Nayla Moawad wears Prada #lebaneseMovies
Yalla nedbok? (shall we dance?) #LebaneseMovies
The Good, The Bad, And The Ye2borny #LebaneseMovies
Dude Where is my country? #Lebanesemovies
Remember Nothing #Lebanesemovies
The Kids are Severely Traumatized #Lebanesemovies
No Country for.. umm.. well.. Anyone #Lebanesemovies
Hotel Dauphine bil Hazmieh #Lebanesemovies
128 Dalmatians #LebaneseMovies
Sabaya gone wild #LebaneseMovies
Service (pronounced “ser-vees”) #LebaneseMovies
Letters to Juliet, …& Antoinette, & Bernadette, & Louisette… #LebaneseMovies
The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie #LebaneseMovies
Finding Chadi #Lebanesemovies
Le Fabuleux Destin Du Peuple Libanais #LebaneseMovies
Skybar Wars: Episode VVIP #lebanesemovies
Road Raging Bull #lebanesemovies
Four Nose Jobs and a Funeral. #LebaneseMovies
AlMashtoub (Scarface)  #lebanesemovies
A Night at Mat7af #LebaneseMovies
Mr. & Mrs. Haddad #LebaneseMovies
Sleepless in Saida #LebaneseMovies
Despicable You #Lebanesemovies
ma fi 2amal #lebanesemovies
Sabah’s Four Wedding but No Funeral #LebaneseMovies
The Meh, the Beh and the Tfeh  #LebaneseMovies

The trend of tagged phrases continues this week with #5wordsaftersex but that would be #NSFW , but you can imagination the possibilities.


Is 2010 over already!?

Hello tweeps of 2011 .. is 2010 over already! phew!
As usual the main indicator of any new year is …
*drum roll*
more drama in Lebanese politics! NO! that’s everyday!
the new year always starts with the Predictions!
We predict that nothing new will happen this year!
@trellalb will continue to curse politics
@mich1mich will run #Michcafe as wonderful as ever
@footnem & @krikOrianM will take more great photos
@funkyOzzi will add more wonderful Lebanese blogs to
@_Archangelus_ will remain anonymous
@naeema will make even more great designs
@Danyawad will run #Pubdany (Happy Hour every tuesday@midnight)
@figo29 will still tweet & blog football!
@LeGustav will continue to have the most drooling sweets in beirut!
and everyone else will contribute to the twitter & blog community just as wonderfully & creatively as they did in 2010.

Another new year indicator! the stars! (horoscopes, not hollywood)
Astrologers decided to finally come out of the closet with “Ophiuchus” (i don’t know who wants to be that anyway!) & so,the twittosphere decides to unanimously dethrone the new horoscope and stick to the old calendar!

On anther note, the cure to procrastination is still unsolved.

Until then Beirut Tweets remains…
Happy 2011

Zajjaliyat with twitter-ian nights

In the Days of winter, we’d like to think its due to the extra red-wine being abused to warm up and compensate for the lack of electricity to heat the houses, nights are long and cold, and therefore invite people to spend time entertaining each other “fo2 2a63it il kahraba” (over the power-cut). In the past few days this phenomena translated into twitter to bring you: Zajjaliyat twitter-ian Nights featuring: @Danyawad (D) @Emiliehasrouty (E) @BeirutBilArabeh (B) with further participation from the wonderful tweeple in the Audience.

(B) سحَّبت من عمر الزمن خيطان / لونهن من لون شفافها الحمرا / وطرّزت فيهن قبة الفستان / الرح تحترق من تلجة الجمرة / ـ وقلتلها لبسيهن والشمس حدّة / فزعان تكوي الورد المندّي / قالت ما فيها الشمس تكوي شمس / وعن إذنك فساتين ما بدّي / وليلة شربت السحر وتغـّيرت / ودخلت غرفتها من ورا الأحلام / وقرّبت صوب المخدة وصرت / رش الغفا بعيونها تتنام نامت وحلمت حالها حدي / وصارت تطبع جمر عا خدي / وشوخفت يفلت من عيونا الحلم / وتوعى الصبح وتقول ما بدّي ولما عْرِفِتْ ما في أمل يحلا / عنقودها، فتشت عا أحلى / لـِم عرفت العصفور منها طار / من غير وعي من عيونها الكحلى / ـ نزلت دمعة اليا ريت / تسقي الزرار بعروة المريول / وصارت من بعد ما تركتها وفلّيت / تركض ورايي، حافية وتقول /

(E) يا غاوي شعر و حلوين/ احترت و فيك العقل احتار/ تفضل قللي انت مين / طبعك تلج و طبعي نار
(D) من قهري نزلت دمعتي/ بيرضيكن يا عالم شو صار؟/ انا ملهي بجامعتي / وهني عم يلقوا أشعار
(E) تسلم عيونك من دمع و من بكي/ معقول داني تعب عم يشتكي/ وقّفت قول الشعر و قرايتو/ حتى تفضالنا و يحلا الحكي
(D) يا ايمي يا احلى بنت / لتوقفي عن قول الشعر.. ممنوع / ان كنت او ما كنت / خلي صوتك بالزجل مرفوع
(B) تا قلِك مين أنا مين بدي أعملـِك فلجة / وتحتى تطفي نارِك تعي غلّي بتلجي
(E) قال بدو يعملي فلجة/ مدري مفكر حالو مين/ رح حط بصدرو خلجة/ بتجيبو متل الشاطرين
(E) داني يللا انا زهقت/ خلص هالفرض و شرف/ من نومي انا هلق فقت/ وسهراني غني و ألّف
(B) بعمري القمح عالبيدر ما دارس / قضيت العمر بأحسن مدارس / وبوقت الفحص قضـّيها ما دارس / حرمني الحب إفتح كتاب…
وما زال الحوار مستمراً…


If  you want to enjoy more Zajal, Please visit this post written by @BeirutBilArabeh.

So if you want these warm nights to continue, pop the Red-Wine bottles at #Pubdany at 10:30 (beirut time) 😉