The month of March can’t get anymore festive in Lebanon, almost everything is happening this March!!

1. Continuous marches against the sectarian regime across the country (twitter is flooding with images and tweets)
2. March 8/14 (no comment)
3. Lebanon Aggregator announced the “Top 10 Blogs in Lebanon
4. March 9, Have you seen Old Beirut?
4. March 11,  Lebanon’s No.1 Blog (see above) turns 1 .. This is Beirut by @meinlebanon
5. March 12, Lebanese Voices Blog turns 1!
6. March 14, Ink on the Side turns 1!
7. March15, The Maronite Church Elects Its 77th Patriarch
8. March 16 (TODAY) Blog Baladi turns 1 as well!!
(( baby-blog-boom last March 2010?!?!))
9. March 22-25 Conference next week in Beirut
10. March 24 Twestival Beirut if you haven’t planned to go yet, What are you waiting for?
11. More marches in March (maybe the name pun makes it an appropriate month for marching)

have we missed anything? let us know!


One response to “MARCH!

  1. Thanks a lot for number 6 😉

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