Is 2010 over already!?

Hello tweeps of 2011 .. is 2010 over already! phew!
As usual the main indicator of any new year is …
*drum roll*
more drama in Lebanese politics! NO! that’s everyday!
the new year always starts with the Predictions!
We predict that nothing new will happen this year!
@trellalb will continue to curse politics
@mich1mich will run #Michcafe as wonderful as ever
@footnem & @krikOrianM will take more great photos
@funkyOzzi will add more wonderful Lebanese blogs to
@_Archangelus_ will remain anonymous
@naeema will make even more great designs
@Danyawad will run #Pubdany (Happy Hour every tuesday@midnight)
@figo29 will still tweet & blog football!
@LeGustav will continue to have the most drooling sweets in beirut!
and everyone else will contribute to the twitter & blog community just as wonderfully & creatively as they did in 2010.

Another new year indicator! the stars! (horoscopes, not hollywood)
Astrologers decided to finally come out of the closet with “Ophiuchus” (i don’t know who wants to be that anyway!) & so,the twittosphere decides to unanimously dethrone the new horoscope and stick to the old calendar!

On anther note, the cure to procrastination is still unsolved.

Until then Beirut Tweets remains…
Happy 2011


One response to “Is 2010 over already!?

  1. What a wonderful post! And what great predictions! Thanks for the mention. You rock! 🙂

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