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Driving in Lebanon

Driving in Lebanon © Joumana Medlej / Cedarseed

Due to the continuous outbreaks of shootings caused by unexperienced drivers in Lebanon we would like to recommend a User Manual : Driving in Lebanon by @cedarseed , not only does this book cover a wide range of driving tips and tricks, it also contains many Lebanese car parking techniques, that may help guarantee your safety …

This book is available in Virgin Megastore, Librairie al-Bourj, (Beirut tweeps classic) Cafe Younes and Papercup. Get your copy NOW!

Drive Safely.


Danae via @Maeiva

Great work of art, inspired from the Greek mythology: ” Danae” ..

That’s not all with @Maeiva, she wrote a wonderful  poem about “Danae” in her blog [Arabic] as well.

Great work Maeiva, really stunning. Please  keep producing for us more  master pieces of poetry and fine art.

Drawn by @Maeiva

منتصف أيار

Amazing painting by @zmasri

Inspired from Ghassan Kanafani’s short story : منتصف أيار