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AltMedia Week – Day 2

Abir Ghattas @abzzyy talking about Ontornet

Ayman Itani moderating the Marketing "X" on Social Media Panel

DSC - Donner Sang Compter on stage on stage at @AltCity stage

Panelists at the Marketing "X" on Social Media stage..

Azebak Mesh Raha - Alef organization on stage at @Altcity

Spoken Word Night by @AltCity & 7keeleh

Spoken word night by @AltCity & 7keeleh

Spoken word night by @AltCity & 7keeleh



Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Ihsan @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

the crowd @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

the crowd @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Hussein @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Hussein @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Food @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Food @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Crowd @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Crowd @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Ed from Fareeq il Atrash @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh

Ed from Fareeq il Atrash @ Spoken Word Night @AltCity & 7keeleh


AltMedia Week – Day 1

Panel: Against or For Citizen Journalism

AltCity Launch Party! ©Hibr


Workshop: Using Degital Media and Mobile Application fot Citizen Journalism ©Hibr


Have you ever been to one of those conferences where the speakers are announced months in advance, the schedule is set weeks in advance, you buy an expensive ticket (early because the tickets gets even more expensive as the deadline approaches) and the day finally comes, and head there ahead of time to get registered, get your badge and kit, etc… blah blah blah, decide what sessions you want to attend, plan your day(s) etc etc etc..

Session 1 : Blah Blah Intros
Session 2 – 9 : [pick a choice]
a. Wow, i just learned something great \
b. Interesting…
c. I wish i attended the other panel
d. *Fall asleep half way through*
e. Spam twitter/chat/bbm with how horrible the session is
in all cases, you wish the moderator has taken your question after having your hand up for 1/2 an hour…
Session 10 : Grand Finale Let’s go home!

NO! that’s exactly what BarCamp isn’t! [What is a BarCamp? Wikipedia]
Log on to our online page, sign up, and let us know what YOU want to talk about,
arrive on the day (July 30th, at AltCity, Hamra), plan the day with everyone else that has signed up, and let the day roll. Not only do YOU decide what the panels are, the sessions are about YOUr needs. Learn and contribute, that’s what it’s all about; just like you may have a problem dealing with your blogs analytics, others maybe having a problem with front end production, which could be your field of expertise that you could help them with…
think of it as a knowledge swap!

BarCamp Logo

Bar Camp by AltMedia

So, have you got a tech/online/blog problem you want an answer to?
Do you want to learn more about something?
Have you got some knowledge you can contribute?
What are you waiting for?!

Sign up for BARCAMP @ AltMedia Week [facebook]
have we mentioned you get a cool shirt too!?

BarCamp is part of AltMedia Week, organized by AltCity, give them some love: [twitter] [facebook] [web] and don’t forget to register for AltMedia Week HERE!

New Government on twitter!

It is always a great buzz monitoring Lebanese tweeps over government failures, collapses and formations, this is what happened in the first few minutes after the new government formation was announced:


Do you think the new government formation will make a difference in the development of our society? (Poll)
بعد ان تشكلت الحكومة.. لكم من الوقت تحتاج لوضع البيان الوزاري؟ (Poll)


The month of March can’t get anymore festive in Lebanon, almost everything is happening this March!!

1. Continuous marches against the sectarian regime across the country (twitter is flooding with images and tweets)
2. March 8/14 (no comment)
3. Lebanon Aggregator announced the “Top 10 Blogs in Lebanon
4. March 9, Have you seen Old Beirut?
4. March 11,  Lebanon’s No.1 Blog (see above) turns 1 .. This is Beirut by @meinlebanon
5. March 12, Lebanese Voices Blog turns 1!
6. March 14, Ink on the Side turns 1!
7. March15, The Maronite Church Elects Its 77th Patriarch
8. March 16 (TODAY) Blog Baladi turns 1 as well!!
(( baby-blog-boom last March 2010?!?!))
9. March 22-25 Conference next week in Beirut
10. March 24 Twestival Beirut if you haven’t planned to go yet, What are you waiting for?
11. More marches in March (maybe the name pun makes it an appropriate month for marching)

have we missed anything? let us know!


Lebanese tweeps always on top of the trends, with the new #UniteLB, courtesy of @habibh : “#UniteLB is inspired by a hashtag I saw on #UniteBH

Edit: #Unitelb on NOWLebanon thank you Angie Nassar

lets #UniteLB
#UniteLB, no to sectarianism no to war lords leading us, the country belong to its youth! #Lebanon

Sunni, Shia, Christian, Secular and other, the rain comes down on all the same in #Lebanon. #unitelb

#UniteLB, because the youth doesn’t care about the political BS that is keeping us behind, and because we have a huge potential! #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because we are sick of being told what to do, who to cheer, who to hate… #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because we just want to hear more excuses from the govt parties blaming each others for our stupid slow Internet… #Lebanon
I am Shia, I am Maronite,I am Sunni,I am Greek Orthodox,I am Jewish,I am Druze,I am Catholic,I am Armenian Orthodox…I am LEBANESE #UniteLB
#UniteLB, no to sectarianism no to war lords leading us, the country belong to its youth! #Lebanon
#UniteLB to stop the brain drain in #Lebanonand bring back those who have migrated to other countries
#Egypt demolished the 30 year old Mubarak regime. Don’t you think we can at least demolish sectarianism? #UniteLB
#UniteLB, because we forgot really what divided us in the first place… #Lebanon
#UniteLB cuz I just wanna go home one day and stay there.
#UniteLB because we can do it!
#UniteLB because it’s the old generation who divided us… Make way for the united youth #Lebanon
#UniteLB before it’s too late ! #Lebanon
#UniteLB .. Secular , Free, and Democratic
#UniteLB, because there is no reason why Georges can’t marry Aisha in #Lebanon without any changing their religion
#UniteLB because we make the best Hommos! #justsayin
#UniteLB, because I no longer want to be a number of a sect. I want to be a citizen
#uniteLB the world can find itself another battlefield
#UniteLB because [L]ife [E]volves [B]etween [A]ll [N]eighbors [O]f the [N]ation
#UniteLB because your difference is beautiful ! #Lebanon
For the love of Lebanon #uniteLB
#UniteLB because this pluralistic society needs to evolve
#UniteLB so we could watch a remake of West Beirut called “One Beirut” during peace, with more coverage of Um Walid
#UniteLB, because I hate the stupid series of questions people ask to figure out what religion you are… #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because our divisions are not real… They are the consequence of failed leaders…
#UniteLB so that no corrupt thug becomes a member of the parliament
#UniteLB because division creates discrimination.
#UniteLB because it’s a great opportunity to fight underdevelopment, ignorance and poverty ! #Lebanon
#UniteLB Let us make #Lebanon, a better place to live and a better place to work. Unity is our strength.
#UniteLB because you forgot it for the last 35 years!#Lebanon
#UniteLB because we had enough nagging, whining, and complaining, we need to act now! #Lebanon
#UniteLB to build a strong, healthy, safe and beautiful#Lebanon
#UniteLB because we do not need other countries to decide on our present and our future!
Asking for peace in Lebanon, should not be equal to asking for a miracle #uniteLB Continue reading

On a Lebanese Movie Night.

Have you missed the trending topic of Lebanese movies last week!!
we caught a huge chunk of them  for you!

Despicable You #Lebanesemovies
18 angry sect #LebaneseMovies
Pirates of Parliament #Lebanesemovies

You’ve Got (10 minutes later) Mail #Lebanesemovies

على فكرة: je t’aime #lebanesemovies
The Last King of Da7ieh #LebaneseMovies
The Wizard of Ouzaii #LebaneseMovies
Gone in 60 seconds #internet #electricity #water #Lebanesemovies
The Curious Case of Wael Kfoury #LebaneseMovies
Frank Miller’s ” SIN el Fil” #lebanesemovies
Nayla Moawad wears Prada #lebaneseMovies
Yalla nedbok? (shall we dance?) #LebaneseMovies
The Good, The Bad, And The Ye2borny #LebaneseMovies
Dude Where is my country? #Lebanesemovies
Remember Nothing #Lebanesemovies
The Kids are Severely Traumatized #Lebanesemovies
No Country for.. umm.. well.. Anyone #Lebanesemovies
Hotel Dauphine bil Hazmieh #Lebanesemovies
128 Dalmatians #LebaneseMovies
Sabaya gone wild #LebaneseMovies
Service (pronounced “ser-vees”) #LebaneseMovies
Letters to Juliet, …& Antoinette, & Bernadette, & Louisette… #LebaneseMovies
The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie #LebaneseMovies
Finding Chadi #Lebanesemovies
Le Fabuleux Destin Du Peuple Libanais #LebaneseMovies
Skybar Wars: Episode VVIP #lebanesemovies
Road Raging Bull #lebanesemovies
Four Nose Jobs and a Funeral. #LebaneseMovies
AlMashtoub (Scarface)  #lebanesemovies
A Night at Mat7af #LebaneseMovies
Mr. & Mrs. Haddad #LebaneseMovies
Sleepless in Saida #LebaneseMovies
Despicable You #Lebanesemovies
ma fi 2amal #lebanesemovies
Sabah’s Four Wedding but No Funeral #LebaneseMovies
The Meh, the Beh and the Tfeh  #LebaneseMovies

The trend of tagged phrases continues this week with #5wordsaftersex but that would be #NSFW , but you can imagination the possibilities.