El Ramadan Events …

In the event if the holy month of Ramadan #Pubdany will be pleased serve Jallab,  Amar il Din and an assortment of fresh drinks to enjoy with your argeeleh (shisha) every night… ( for those that still want their Jack Daniels, fee sans alcohol + jallab flavored) @danyawad

#Michcafe will also be open from iftar onwards, serving coffee and an assortment of ramadan sweets! @mich1mich

“Ramadan” started trending on twitter worldwide since yesterday!

In the event of the holy month @lebanesevoices will be hosting the online series of the month (for those that are as bored with “neighborhood door” as @trellalb) of blogs that talk about “issues that concerns the Lebanese society and a solution that could be learnt from other societies or even previous Lebanese habits.” the series remains unnamed at the moment.

and the month starts with the first of great series of restricting the existence of the truth on facebook: “@sdkaaa : Lebanese Fadi Gedeon’s #facebook page was Disabled for offending #israel http://bit.ly/aRxuTP #fb ” (blog by @sdkaaa)


2 responses to “El Ramadan Events …

  1. Ramadan Kareem to all and what nice time we will all have between #PubDany and #MichCafe… May your fasting be accepted and rewarded :-))

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