Beirut Speed Radars Positions..

Thanks to @Yasminehajjar

OK folks, Here’s the list where those nasty radars are located in Beirut, try to avoid tickets.

That doesn’t mean not to drive safely and to obey the speed limit rules..

Radar Positions are:

-Radar spotted near ABC Dbayeh on the bridge leading to Naccache.
-Radar spotted near on autostrade Al Naher near MTC bldg.
-Radar spotted on the bridge exactly facing Burj al Ghazal on the other side.
-Radar spotted at Saint Georges Harriri spot.
-Radar spotted at the highway from Ouzaii coming to Unesco.
-Radar spotted at Ramleh el bayda highway.
-Radar spotted at tarik al mattar new highway.
-Radar spotted at Mathaf highway.
-Radar spotted at hazmieh new highway facing alfa.
-Radar spotted at old nahr highway facing peugeot.

The ISF are informing people to abide by the 100 kilometer speed limit on major highways and 50 kilometers in cities!

You can check whether you have been spotted by the radar on the following link:


One response to “Beirut Speed Radars Positions..

  1. Folks, those are fixed radars they are at each and every traffic light, the other radars are mobile so the locations change every week 🙂

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