Have you ever been to one of those conferences where the speakers are announced months in advance, the schedule is set weeks in advance, you buy an expensive ticket (early because the tickets gets even more expensive as the deadline approaches) and the day finally comes, and head there ahead of time to get registered, get your badge and kit, etc… blah blah blah, decide what sessions you want to attend, plan your day(s) etc etc etc..

Session 1 : Blah Blah Intros
Session 2 – 9 : [pick a choice]
a. Wow, i just learned something great \
b. Interesting…
c. I wish i attended the other panel
d. *Fall asleep half way through*
e. Spam twitter/chat/bbm with how horrible the session is
in all cases, you wish the moderator has taken your question after having your hand up for 1/2 an hour…
Session 10 : Grand Finale Let’s go home!

NO! that’s exactly what BarCamp isn’t! [What is a BarCamp? Wikipedia]
Log on to our online page, sign up, and let us know what YOU want to talk about,
arrive on the day (July 30th, at AltCity, Hamra), plan the day with everyone else that has signed up, and let the day roll. Not only do YOU decide what the panels are, the sessions are about YOUr needs. Learn and contribute, that’s what it’s all about; just like you may have a problem dealing with your blogs analytics, others maybe having a problem with front end production, which could be your field of expertise that you could help them with…
think of it as a knowledge swap!

BarCamp Logo

Bar Camp by AltMedia

So, have you got a tech/online/blog problem you want an answer to?
Do you want to learn more about something?
Have you got some knowledge you can contribute?
What are you waiting for?!

Sign up for BARCAMP @ AltMedia Week [facebook]
have we mentioned you get a cool shirt too!?

BarCamp is part of AltMedia Week, organized by AltCity, give them some love: [twitter] [facebook] [web] and don’t forget to register for AltMedia Week HERE!


3 responses to “BARCAMP!

  1. Looking forward, i think it’s the first Barcamp in Lebanon

  2. Coolness , I knew about Barcamp Armenia 🙂

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