Lebanese tweeps always on top of the trends, with the new #UniteLB, courtesy of @habibh : “#UniteLB is inspired by a hashtag I saw on #UniteBH

Edit: #Unitelb on NOWLebanon thank you Angie Nassar

lets #UniteLB
#UniteLB, no to sectarianism no to war lords leading us, the country belong to its youth! #Lebanon

Sunni, Shia, Christian, Secular and other, the rain comes down on all the same in #Lebanon. #unitelb

#UniteLB, because the youth doesn’t care about the political BS that is keeping us behind, and because we have a huge potential! #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because we are sick of being told what to do, who to cheer, who to hate… #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because we just want to hear more excuses from the govt parties blaming each others for our stupid slow Internet… #Lebanon
I am Shia, I am Maronite,I am Sunni,I am Greek Orthodox,I am Jewish,I am Druze,I am Catholic,I am Armenian Orthodox…I am LEBANESE #UniteLB
#UniteLB, no to sectarianism no to war lords leading us, the country belong to its youth! #Lebanon
#UniteLB to stop the brain drain in #Lebanonand bring back those who have migrated to other countries
#Egypt demolished the 30 year old Mubarak regime. Don’t you think we can at least demolish sectarianism? #UniteLB
#UniteLB, because we forgot really what divided us in the first place… #Lebanon
#UniteLB cuz I just wanna go home one day and stay there.
#UniteLB because we can do it!
#UniteLB because it’s the old generation who divided us… Make way for the united youth #Lebanon
#UniteLB before it’s too late ! #Lebanon
#UniteLB .. Secular , Free, and Democratic
#UniteLB, because there is no reason why Georges can’t marry Aisha in #Lebanon without any changing their religion
#UniteLB because we make the best Hommos! #justsayin
#UniteLB, because I no longer want to be a number of a sect. I want to be a citizen
#uniteLB the world can find itself another battlefield
#UniteLB because [L]ife [E]volves [B]etween [A]ll [N]eighbors [O]f the [N]ation
#UniteLB because your difference is beautiful ! #Lebanon
For the love of Lebanon #uniteLB
#UniteLB because this pluralistic society needs to evolve
#UniteLB so we could watch a remake of West Beirut called “One Beirut” during peace, with more coverage of Um Walid
#UniteLB, because I hate the stupid series of questions people ask to figure out what religion you are… #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because our divisions are not real… They are the consequence of failed leaders…
#UniteLB so that no corrupt thug becomes a member of the parliament
#UniteLB because division creates discrimination.
#UniteLB because it’s a great opportunity to fight underdevelopment, ignorance and poverty ! #Lebanon
#UniteLB Let us make #Lebanon, a better place to live and a better place to work. Unity is our strength.
#UniteLB because you forgot it for the last 35 years!#Lebanon
#UniteLB because we had enough nagging, whining, and complaining, we need to act now! #Lebanon
#UniteLB to build a strong, healthy, safe and beautiful#Lebanon
#UniteLB because we do not need other countries to decide on our present and our future!
Asking for peace in Lebanon, should not be equal to asking for a miracle #uniteLB
#uniteLB for the only things worth fighting with are words and prayers!
#Lebanon is a dream, one of a perfect nation; when will you all understand, dreams don’t die #uniteLB
#unitelb because a nation is only as powerful as it’s weakest member. none of us can grow alone
#unitelb because we love you. because we care. because without unity we cant grow.
#UniteLb because in the age of revolutions, our divisions mean “we” still fight for who gets what ministry..
#Unitelb because together we can show the world that life is more prosperous when we are different than when we are all the same
#UniteLb because we are stronger united than we are now.
#UniteLB towards citizenship. reform, change, rule of law , social justice, human rights, civic rights, need more ??
#UniteLB because this pluralistic society needs to evolve
#UniteLB because change is a matter of “Ability” not of a “Possibility”
#UniteLB because we are a real majority !
#UniteLB because we refuse to re-live the war
#UniteLB for a new start, where we do not live under the mercy of a corrupt & sectarian political elite
#UniteLB so we can establish the rule of law
#UniteLB because I need to believe again that I can go back to Lebanon and earn a decent living there.
#UniteLB so this does NOT happen again –>http://trella.org/?p=103
#UniteLB towards social justice …
#UniteLB so we can live in dignity..
#UniteLB to end an era of corruption driven by the Fail sectarian political elite
#UniteLB towards interactive citizenship, civic rights
#UniteLB It is something we haven’t done before, so lets give it a try #Lebanon
#UniteLeb for better civil rights
#uniteLB Lebanon needs to make international headlines for new reasons now..
#UniteLB so my friends will come visit me from abroad and feel safe. And decide to stay here 🙂
#Unitelb Not one of these so called leaders doesn’t have the blood of our brothers & sisters on their hands in one way or another #lebanon
#unitelb cause I would love to love the #lebanon my grandfathers spoke of, not the #lebanon I know that drove them out of it 40yrs ago
#UniteLB I don’t wanna spend my life abroad!…
#UniteLB, because we can make it again “Ot3it Sama”
#UniteLB because no one is as funny to tell it like it is anymore http://youtu.be/d11bcHV766k
#UniteLB because we all belong to #lebanon and not to sects
#UniteLB cause LB 3a albkon #Lebanon
#UniteLB because LB w Albi w LB 3am yeghlo ghale !
#unitelb because the number of #lebanese outside #lebanon outnumbers those within
no more min wayn? ibin meen? #UniteLB
#unitelb cause no respectful country in the world has religion specified on I’d cards and passports
#UniteLB “I feel my heart break to see a nation ripped apart by it’s own greatest strength–it’s diversity.” Melissa Etheridge
#UniteLB because i’m SICK of a divided #lebanon
#UniteLB, because we should stop the “isa ma ija zalim, btiji jarboo3a” way of thinking! Ma badna la zalim wala Jarboo3a!
#UniteLB because unity and diversity are not mutually exclusive
#UniteLB because we’re too tiny to be anything other than one
#UniteLB to make #Lebanon a better place for our children
#UniteLb because we deserve better politicians
#UniteLB so that Water & Electricity seize being a luxury!
#UniteLB because the people that are divided are the people we can fire!
#UniteLB so no “spanish lega” fan shoots at his neighbor if his team loses !
#uniteLB because we love it and don’t want to leave it
#UniteLB to keep walking…. in Gemmayzeh & Hamra baby!
#UniteLB because it shows how hungry we are for true Freedom!
#UniteLB because am entitled to live in dignity (universal declaration of human rights)
#UniteLb so during world cups only Lebanese flags are rise on balconies
#uniteLB so that Lebanese will go back to arguing about football
#UniteLB because am sick of being called a traitor if i don’t cheer for the sectarian warlord !!
#UniteLB because I don’t want to ask for my rights from mafia politicians. I EARNED them! #Lebanon
#UniteLB because we will do it without 1 drop of Lebanese blood !

انا مش طائفي.. ليه نظامي هيك؟؟ #uniteLB
#UniteLB because the only parties we support should involve dancing not divisive tactics #Lebanon
#UniteLB because Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. (universal declaration of human rights)
#UniteLb because… when the sunshine we shine together, told you i’ll be here forever…
#UniteLB because sectarian Mafia-style leaders have a vested interest in propagating hate.
#UniteLb so that the word “wasta” disappears from the Lebanese dictionary

#UniteLB because No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.(UDHL)
#UniteLB so not every “eshkel fardi” turns into a mini civil war
#UniteLB because together we can do so much! ad el sama w ghaymeta w ad el ba7er w mawjetou
#UniteLb coz I wanna come back!

#UniteLB because the word “traitor” should disappear from our dictionary !
#UniteLB so decent internet connection is a fact.. not a dream
#UniteLb coz the woman I love is from a different religion.
#UniteLB so that I can have my civil marriage ceremony in #Lebanon
#UniteLB because am getting disconnected from the real world blogging the mess 24/7
#UniteLb w tweet saf7a jdide!
#uniteLB to show the world the new face of our nation
#UniteLB because it is my right, and the sectarians took it away …
#UniteLb coz I wanna celebrate both christmas and ramadan.
#UniteLB to teach our kids nationalism instead of religious belonging. #Lebanon
#UniteLB because we deserve better MPs and PMs
#UniteLB because 3an jad kulluna lil watan!
#UniteLB or else some under-aged sectarian freak with a gun would shoot us dead anytime now ..
#UniteLB because we are so thirstyyyyyyyy for the sense of belonging to #Lebanon
Nothing divides Lebanon like Sagesse and Riyadi! #UniteLB to say NO to sectarianism!
#UniteLB because Everyone’s Robbing our Culture & Proclaiming it as their own in front of our eyes! now THAT is something! Gnite! #Lebanon
#UniteLB So our government dares to allow fans to attend Ansar-Ahed match
#UniteLB so when i tell minister X that he is corrupt.. i don’t end up in the ministry of defense
#UniteLB because it’s about time
#UniteLB so that our parents struggles and efforts to keep love for #Lebanon pumping in our hearts, don’t go in vain…
#UniteLB because i would like to keep my friends …
#UniteLB كرمال يبطل في جورة بين كل جورة و جورة !!!
#UniteLB, bcz I want go to the southern beach in the morning, get lunch in Zahleh, Dinner in Beirut and continue for a brfkst in Tripoli
#UniteLB ما ضروري نروح عقبرص…منعملها هون
#UniteLB so we can all be equal in front of the law!
#UniteLB coz khalil Jibran can’t be wrong
#UniteLB so we can argue about issues, not people
#UniteLB because we have had a dysfunctional government no matter what party, color or religion runs it. System needs to change
#UniteLB so that I don’t kiss up to someone to protect me, there will be laws that do that
#UniteLB لانه ما بدي حط ايدي على قلبي كل ما بدي روح عند حكيم او فوت مستشفى
#UniteLB لانه ما بحب اسمع الدركي عم يسبلّي
#UniteLB because I want my kids to be Lebanese too even if their father isn’t
#UniteLB so they would come bck @RANNNLIVE @saharghazale @Emiliehasrouty @figo29 @mich1mich @LebaneseVoices @bilalhouri @Ma3louf @amer_daouk
#UniteLB because every Lebanese has the right to become the President, Prime Minister or Speaker of the Parliament
#UniteLBلأنو حل اكبر جورة عنا انك تفشخ عنا
#UniteLB حتى اعمل داونلود من غير ما اعتل هم انه الرصيد يخلص
#UniteLB لانو بحب اسمع فيروز ع صبح مش بياع البطاطا !!!
#UniteLB for Abou el Abed!
#UniteLB because I’m sick of Lebanese drivers
#UniteLB تاما يعود في شرقية وغربية
#UniteLB تأقدر فول سيارتي بنزين
#UniteLB so that u get to own a house after working for ur whole life harder than a bee.
#UniteLB so when i blog about justice and human rights my friends do not think am only dreaming ..
#UniteLb so I can take u to mass on sundays and u can take me to prayer fridays
#UniteLB لأنه رهقت من شهود الزور والمحكمة الدولية
#UniteLB لأنه بدي اشتري بيت
#UniteLB لأن بدي عيش
#UniteLB لئن زهقت من الغربة
#UniteLB because I want to use 3G technology before I die
#UniteLB to prove that Confessionalism does not prevent clashes! Only coexistence does!
#UniteLB so when i propose (god forbid) to a girl and answer that blogging is my full time job she does not kick my ass 🙂
#UniteLB so that the term Lebanonization in the dictionary means “unity” and not “disintegration”
#UniteLB لئن زهقت إن يكون أكبر إنجاز عملو لبنان هوي أكبر صحن تبولة
#UniteLB لئن بدي أحضر مباراة نجمه أنصار بالملعب من دون ما إسمع كلمة حريري أو نصرالله
#UniteLB because Lebanon has what it takes to be a true model for interfaith co-existence.
#UniteLB because we are what we choose to be: LEBANESE w men fo2 el sate7!
#UniteLB so youth can have more chances and choices
#UniteLB so we don’t show our dirty laundry on TV!
Because they were many to die so that #Lebanon lives..#uniteLB
#UniteLB barkeh el collective IQ byotla3 shway w byou2af el habal wel satlaneh.
#uniteLB for better public transportation
#uniteLB because we can be so much more than a tribal, disfunctional nation
#UniteLB لأنه ما بقى بدي سمة بدن كل يوم اربعاء بس امرق حد محطة البنزين
#UniteLB so we can get rid of discrimination and racism
#UniteLB so we can believe holding a cross and hilal is an opportunity!
#uniteLB for better social and medical security
#UniteLB because Municipalities yes you’ll get a new revenue stream $ – it doesn’t have to go to Cyprus
#UniteLB لا، ما بدي اتعشى عند الدرزي ونام عند الماروني.. بدي اكل مطرح ما بدي ونام مطرح ما بدي
#UniteLB لأن ما بدي اذا لبست شي الوانه فاقعة يقولولي: زوقك متوالي
#UniteLB because domestic laborers deserve utter respect. On their day off, they can go to the beach if they want to.
#UniteLB لأنو ما في فرق بيني وبينك
#UniteLBلأنو طلعت ريحتنا! وصار صيتنا زبالة…
#UniteLB لأنو أهلي أكلو الحصرم وأنا ضرست
#uniteLB for better policies for food safety
#UniteLB so that we don’t have to worry about people stealing our tires to burn them!
#uniteLB because we have too many religious holidays
#uniteLB لأن ما بقى بدنا نقول يا قلبي لا تتعب قلبك
#UniteLb ta terja3 el lira te7ke.
#UniteLB because i’m fed up of filling Visa forms and i DON’T want another Passport
#UniteLB ت ما بقى حس بالخوف
#UniteLB ليرجعوا كل ل بالمنفى ونفتح صفحة جديدة
#UniteLB لأنه ما بدي اشتاق لجدة وانا ببيروت وبس روح على جدة ما اشتاق لبيروت
#UniteLB لعيونك
#UniteLB for bandwidth that doesn’t leave us envious of Burkina Faso
#uniteLB to have decent scientific research centers in #Lebanon
#UniteLB cos Teta deserves to see it happen and will cook something amazing to celebrate
#UniteLB before we lose patience with your pathetic fights!!
#UniteLB لأني اشتقت للضيعة
#UniteLBلأني صرت غار من تونس ومصر وليبيا!!!
#UniteLB ولي في لبنان حلمٌ كبير, أكبر من السياسة والطائفية والسلطة, أكبر من العالم أجمع.
#UniteLB كرمال ما حدا يسألني: أنت مع مين؟
#UniteLB لانو انا اشتقت لاشتري السحبة و جحا لي ب 50 ليرة
#UniteLB …try it for a change!!
#UniteLB ما داما سيرة وانفتحت ايه لا يمل ,خليك بالبيت… هيدا كلام الناس خلص فكر مرتين ولو ما اربت تنحل وضلك مع الحدث
#unitelb so no one but the Lebanese Army holds guns to protect us.
keep Tweeting and blogging .. we will #UniteLB one kilo byte at a time 🙂
#unitelb 7ata kil ma nisma3 “raje3 yit3amar Libnen” ma nit7assar 3al 7alleh
#UniteLB لانو بحب لبنان و بس وين صناعتو ؟
#UniteLB كلنا للوطن……… للعلا للعلم
#UniteLB will make us better citizens. No need to look down on some people nor kiss up to others.
#UniteLB صارت سنة الالفين و ما زبط البلد
#UniteLB so we can respect the law
#UniteLB لانو لازم ما يتحمم اكتر من واحد بالازان لانو بتفضى المي السخنة !
#unitelb so we don’t have to tell our kids what our parents told us: bass la tikbaro haykoon indkoun watan …
#UniteLB لئن تعلمت ٢٠ سنه وإيه بستحق هيدي الوظيفي وما مستعد بوس $%^ فلان وعلتان
#UniteLB bec today the leb anthem is the most ironic national anthem in the world.
#UniteLB لأن التغيير جايي، على أيدنا نحن جايي ، مش ع أيد الجيل الجايي
#UniteLB so that I don’t have to tell every random person I meet what my last name is… in order for them to guess my religion
#UniteLB لا انو ما بدي “أوم فوت نام وصير احلم إن بلدنا صارت بلد”… بدي شوفا حقيقة …#Lebanon #ZiadRahbani
#UniteLB لانو قدموس بجبيل اخترع الحرف
#UniteLB لانو ما حدا غيرنا عندو كشك
#UniteLB to end the aimless political standoffs!
#UniteLB so people can follow this hashtag on a good dsl connection
#UniteLB because as much as I love #ZiadRahbani,I wld love to listen once to his plays from the 90s and not say “wow it so feels like today”
#UniteLB to stand together against all kinds of censorship and for the freedom of speech. #Lebanon
#UniteLB so that our economy stops relying on the export of the educated and geniuses!
#UniteLB for a Secular #Lebanon that respects all religions & groups, and unit under a Democratic system.
#UniteLB, because in this day and age, you are not allowed to be negative. Use the tools to challenge the status quo and better your world!
#UniteLB so no one will ask me Turk min Beirut! Zahle!?!?! when they realy want to know if i’m Sunni or Catholic!
#UniteLB Because the power of money is as bad as power of weapons. We want institutions not family dynasties
#UniteLB because it would feel soooo good to get rid of all the extra weight that is holding us back, xtra weight=#fail leaders & mentality
Lets unite so our kids wont have to stay abroad! #UniteLB
#UniteLB because we are capable to stand in line, stop at a red light, let a pedestrian walk, request/offer a fair price for service/product
#UniteLB because #Lebanon needs an uprising that convinces all sect leaders that the largest party is the party of youth.
#UniteLB because with all its problems…it simply remains the best HOME on earth!
#UniteLB We don’t want to hate our political leaders & their families. Let’s help them step aside from politics, so they do charity work.
#UniteLB because unity is the fittest in the battle of survival!
#UniteLB and there’s no way but up. But there’s also no point in preaching without practicing tangible resolutions on individual level.
#UniteLB for all our prisoners in neighboring countries finally unite with their families!
#UniteLB because we can voice opinions intelligently. Burning tires will mechanical, be used to create clean energy.
#UniteLB so we can have our own sufficient power supplies
#UniteLB No more allowing politicians, neighbors, Arab & Western intervention to run our lives > let’s empower ourselves & take charge.
#UniteLB to make #Lebanon a better place for my niece.
#UniteLB because we owe it to our children. We’r competent & determined to lead & manage the transition. Let’s make our generation memorable
#UniteLB because I want my children to receive Christmas gifts and enjoy family feasts during Ramadan. #Lebanon
#UniteLB We can be proud but not ethnocentric Lebanese (right now it’s all the way around).
#UniteLB cause i dont want get payed once and pay electricity twice, and water trice.#Lebanon
#UniteLB because I want to feel good about paying for VAT
#UniteLB then i can wish to pay less tax on fuel and more tax on cigarettes. #lebanon
#UniteLB لأنو بدنا حكومه من لون واحد، لون لبنان مش ألوانن العتيقة
#UniteLB cause i swear im not 8 or 14 march … and i wish my mom believes me.
#UniteLB لأنو شبعنا ما يسمى بمبادرات الـ س س ، أ ف ، ع ع ، ت ق، خ ر ، ووووووو We only want a LB
#uniteLB because the Lebanese need to be more concrete about there demands.
#UniteLB so next time a thug decides to buy his parliamentary seat we can kick his ass
#uniteLB because Ramadan should have normal working days
#uniteLB because St Maroun Day and other sect-only festivities should not be a national holiday
#uniteLB because you should be allowed to get a civil marriage in Lebanon, rather than Cyprus
#uniteLB because a Leb woman married to foreign man should be able to give the Leb passport to her kids, without toppling sectarian balance
#UniteLB so the next time my european friends want to go 4 a vacation in #Lebanon, they won’t b thinking civil war – no war – war – no war
#UniteLB because I’d like to have electricity for more than 12 hours/day!
#UniteLB so when I visit the cedars next time I don’t get asked “Noora Nasrallah, min wein min #Lebanon?
#UniteLB Because we are so fed up with this 8 & 14 march division. We want new faces not ibn fellen or sohor 3elltan..
I dunno @lebanesevoices‘s gender,sect,location. This is how we should #UniteLB no to #sexism #secteranism #racism
#UniteLB “لأنو “دبكتنا عونة اخوة صورة ومضمون
#UniteLB because everyone seems to think it’s cool to be Lebanese and I want to believe it. #Lebanon
#UniteLB because I’m tired of hearing Beerpong named after my capital city because of the bomb-like motion of the game. #Beirut
#UniteLB because it’s stupid to have only Christians run for President, only Sunnis for PM, and only Shias for Parliament Speaker. #Lebanon
#UniteLB li2anno “Houwweh 7abibi w houwweh yo2borni!”
i once gave up on #lebanon but now i am #unitelb.
#UniteLB to finally turn the curse into a blessing…
#UniteLB to be able to hold everyone accountable under the Law especially MPs & Ministers! #Lebanon
#uniteLB because it ridiculous that our religious leaders interfere
#UniteLB so that religion doesn’t need to be as dirty as politics any more…
#uniteLB so that honking your car is no longer a political statement *seen in Lebanon only*
#uniteLB so that political marketing expenditures no longer soar in times of economic crisis
#uniteLB so that people get into positions because they deserve it, and not because they belong to this or that party
#UniteLB وصير حلام إنو بلدنا صارت بلد
#UniteLB قبل ما يتعشّوا علينا
#UniteLB لحتّا نعرف الحقيقة المطلقة…
#UniteLB لأنو حلمي هو حلمك
#UniteLB روق وطول بالك و
#UniteLB so my friends don’t find #Beirut “exotic” anymore because it still looks
like a warzone. #Lebanon
#UniteLB so that an amazing project for tourism doesn’t get turned down bcuz a certain politician will not benefit from it !
we can & we will #UniteLB
#UniteLB so that I can choose to live in kisirwein, maten, da7ieh or tari2 jdideh …..
#uniteLB kirmal sob7iyet feirouz w huwwarit Assi w kaman kirmal zaki nassif la yirja3 yit3ammar libnan:) #Lebanon
#unitelb so that we benefit from efficient affordable broadband access to Internet!
Let’s #UniteLB so that the politicians’ grandkids can start planning their careers from now, away from politics!
#UniteLB and be proud to teach your kids Arabic, before English & French
#UniteLB and replace honking with singing
#UniteLB so my kids won’t understand why the beach resort I spent my childhood at was only for Sunnis. #Lebanon
#UniteLB because Lebanese are way too smart to be ruled by a group of idiots !
#UniteLB because next time I’m looking for a decent job in #Beirut, I don’t want to end up in #Dubai, #Amman, or #Cairo.
remember #LebanonOFF .. it just happened to me .. another reason to #UniteLB
#UniteLB because kullona lil watan !
#UniteLB so we use fireworks on Independence Day only, the day Sectarianism falls..!
#UniteLB because I want post-2011 #Lebanon to be at least as awesome as the pre-war #Lebanon my grandfather always spoke of.
#UniteLB because no one really understands where the division is coming from and why it’s there.
#UniteLB so we can use fireworks only for celebrations and not live ammunition !
#UniteLB so that history doesn’t repeat itself.
#UniteLB so others stop saying it’s a shame what’s going on in Lebanon !
In the #UniteLB world, name-droppers and white liars will be sent to rehab.
#UniteLB but remember it starts w/ you, your home and your family! #Lebanon
#UniteLB, because there should be no reason why I started @Yamli in Boston and not in Beirut…
#UniteLB because it’s about being positive and challenging the status quo. We might not need a revolution,but we need to wake up & speak up
#uniteLB we can unit Lebanon when we act at times of election based on what is best for lebanon and not what is best for me!
#UniteLB, because to be united we don’t really need to ask any permission. We will challenge the system in due time with enough momentum…
#uniteLB cuz i want to only one job.. Not 2jobs + free lance + seeking jobs in any gulf country
#uniteLB cuz i want to save money from my salary
#uniteLB for a strong country, president and army!
#uniteLB so we don’t have think about what “appropriate” color to wear.
#uniteLB so that the colors we wear are always “appropriate”.
#uniteLB so that our country becomes center of business, media, tourism, education not the contrary!
#uniteLB for a decent television channel.
Bit7ib #Lebanon ? #UniteLB
#uniteLB “because those who should be heard have no voice & those who shouldn’t have media stations”
#uniteLB so that “the Lebanese dream” beats the American one.
#uniteLB coz I’m not paying tuition to be a waitress in another country.
#UniteLB coz eza ma kenet ma3kon mich ya3ne ana ma3 l tenyin ——> 3ende ra2y khas!!! w please abel ma you2af lb
#UniteLB because is time to unlock the full potential of a country rich of people with ideas, skills and desire to do things and succeed
#UniteLB is not impossible! remember, change is a matter of “Ability” not of “Possibility”
#UniteLB because I’m sick of hearing sectarian speeches by representatives of the X or Y community.
#UniteLB لأننا لدينا الكثير لنعتز به لكننا نغرق في التفاصيل و ننسى انسانيتنا جرّاء قسوة الحياة التي يسببها قادة لا يمثلوننا
#UniteLB by fighting corruption one person at a time. Hold ALL civil servants accountable–use cell phone cams to document. Speak out now!
#UniteLB, because I want to show the world the beautiful country #Lebanon really is.
#UniteLB because I hate that the whole world is going forward while Lebanon is going backwards.
#UniteLB because zahha’touna !
#UniteLB so I won’t spend my life as an expat telling everyone how great Lebanon without being able to enjoy it with my wife & family
#UniteLB so that if we’re able to save money we can actually buy a house in #lebanon without drowning in interest & instalments #hope
#UniteLB so we can keep in touch with friends and family and not have to split up all over the world. #Lebanon
#UniteLB because religious sects r not trending anymore.
#UniteLB = No Secerianism
while we work to #UniteLB we should also have more tolerance and respect to our diverse and pluralistic society
to #UniteLB we should step over the tight individual issues & focus on the greater interest of us all am sure no 1 wants 2 c Lebanon divided
#UniteLB with someone you don’t agree with…
#UniteLB and let’s get some work done…
#UnitedLB#UniteLb Because #Lebanon civil war: we have been there, we have done that. Let us try something new for once..
#UniteLB because i want to start voting again.
#uniteLB for more options than voting blank & not voting at all.
#UniteLB and let’s dance…
#Unitelb coz I hate to be asked where r u from #Lebanon to know my religion view!
#UniteLB because I can see 6,000 years of history.
We deserve a civilized country not a retarded sectarian one. No more 8 & 14, they both flirting with civil war #UniteLB
#UniteLB because 8 & 14 are not lucky numbers
#UniteLB because Lebanon was occupied by over 17 countries:
#UniteLB b/c religion and state don’t mix.. b/c when we unite we’ll have a population problem and won’t know where to put 10 mil lebs
#UniteLB by influencing your family, friends, school, university, work place. #lebanon
#UniteLB because we’re all thinking it and no one will say it
#UniteLB cuz it’s time for revolution, and #Jerusalem calls…
#UniteLB cuz it’s time for revolution, and the #KingdomOfHeaven beckons us…
Unfortunately, I’ve known many who ‘talk’ about #UniteLB but end up voting for their sect leader in ‘action’ #Lebanon
#UniteLB by not looking at another person as someone of another religion… but as a #Lebanese citizen
#UniteLB is when you mentally tattoo “Lebanon first and foremost” on your forehead, and live by it.
#UniteLB because politicians fail me once: shame on u. fail me twice: shame on me
#UniteLB #Lebanon because sectarianism is one of the #thingsthedevilinvented…
#UniteLB we are watching what Arabs are doing with envy, and sectarianism is preventing us from doing the same.
#UniteLB because I feel stupid when I turn on “daw el daraj” to know if it’s “dawle or moteur”…
#UniteLB because I am 19 and have not seen a united #Lebanon yet. I think my generation deserves it.
#UniteLB because we r done, u can poke us with a fork.
#UniteLB because children should not be asked if they like x political leader but should be asked to play with toys!
#unitelb because we still have landmines to clear.
#unitelb because violating our air-space every few days is not “3adde, bitkoon shi gharra wahmiyeh”
#unitelb because Jnoob w Shamel, Arz, w Batroun, Baalback w Beirut, alone aren’t enough
#unitelb because i’m tired of people laughing at me everytime i say that i dream of being a Lebanese President, cuz im a non-maronite girl
#UniteLB because I would love to park my car anywhere, without being harassed by the man who thinks enno “shtara l’tari2 mnel baladiyye”.
#unitelb because children begging and selling flowers between traffic is not OK!
#unitelb cause i’d like to go to a clean Lebanese beach (which is constitutionally for public) without paying $20-$40
#UniteLB لئن زهقت شوف مواهب الشباب المدفونة
#unitelb because i wanna go home, live with my family…. La2ano il ghorbe 2akalit 3omre
#UniteLB coz I know our strong civil society can accomplish much more for all the different social causes!
#UniteLB because we all ODed on political deception!
#unitelb la2ano bi leb fi alef another leb feyeta bi alef another leb feyet bi ba3do
#UniteLB because not only MLK can say “I have a dream”.
#UniteLB لأنو الكسارات راح يوصلو على بيوتنا
#unitelb la2ano badna neshteghel
#unitelb because mostafa bi7eb rita w joe bi7eb ahmad w fatme bet7eb george w khadija bet7eb christina wel shar2eyet faskha 3al gharbiyet!
#UniteLB لئن ما نجحت نفذ مشروعي إلا لما ضهرت من لبنان
#UniteLB لئن مايكل دبغي وحسن كامل الصباح وجبران وايلي صعب لو ما ضهرو من لبنان ما كانو نعرفو مين هني
#UniteLB بالمنيح قبل ما نوحدو عطريقتنا
#UniteLB لئن أنا درست عطريق المطار و بعين الرمانة و بسن الفيل و بشويفات وبكل هالمطارح ما سمعت إلا نشيد وطني واحد
#uniteLB because the pollution in Beirut is going beyond normal
#uniteLB because u need a loan to pay your parking fees in Beirut every month
#UniteLB because i want to wake up everyday without thinking today there might be a civil war on it’s way
#UniteLB coz lb 3a #Lebanon w albon 3a jeyabon
#uniteLB because I want to see the Lebanese basketball National team making a better place than the last one in World Championship!
#UniteLB malyana men oset nas 3am teshtere 2arade nes bse3er 3ale la y3edo tawze3on el ta2efi bel balad
#UniteLB كيف؟وأنا………………. ل.ب.ن.ا.ن.ي
#UniteLB إذا الشعب يوماً أراد الحياة فلا بد أن يقتل الطائفية
#UniteLB because last time I checked, religious affiliation doesn’t define a nationality!!!
#UniteLB so when I buy my ticket home this year- it will be one way forever. No turning back.
#UniteLB because local news channels should cover more than their sponsor’s political agenda and actually convey NEWS.
#unitelb لأني إذا مت أخجل من دمع أمي
#UniteLB bcse we’ve a treasure of Lebanese Diaspora that could lift their country up more than any foreign country can do!
#UniteLB because we can forever tweet on #UniteLB and can’t seem to get enough of it
#UniteLB w mufta7u.
#UniteLB Confessionalism is a system that divides, we want unity and power given based on merit !
#UniteLB for real because the fake unity we claim to have now is so fragile ..
#uniteLB bcuz I want to actually sit with my friends in lebanon & not skype them
#UniteLB so that we can shower without worrying about khizzen el mayy
#UniteLB because i want to shower while my washing machine is on and don’t want to get worried if its Kahraba or Motor
#UniteLB because I want to upload my show 2 hours before its broadcast and NOT a week before, maybe there was raining later on
#UniteLB because I want to be treated and respected as a human being
#UniteLB to give a mass lesson to everyone and explain the REAL meaning of those white lines on the roads & place them back on all roads
#UniteLB because we’re living in a new century and not the middle ages
#UniteLB becuz we are young, free patriots addicted to HASH-tags! #REVOLT ! #lebanon
#UniteLB because our culture is being lost and our city defaced by real estate greed
#UniteLB because I don’t want to see tears in my mother’s eyes every time I leave Lebanon .
#UniteLB because I’m tired to hear my parents arguing about politics ! NB: Aoun / Geagea, endless.
#UniteLB because elderly begging on the streets deserve a home to stay in!
stop being so skeptical & #uniteLB!
Because we DESERVE IT #uniteLB
#unitelb to avoid waitin in line for fuel, bcuz of ” yemkin yon2oti3 el benzine”
#uniteLB so that we won’t have to sell our kidneys for rabtet el khebez.
#UniteLB for a stupid collective society that panics over nothing
#UniteLB so I can belong to a nation! Not one that simply exists in my heart! A nation I can feel not imagine based on my parent’s memories!
#UniteLB coz I wanna wake up in Lebanon, every single day…
#UniteLB because our daily lives should not depend on ministers’ moods!
#UniteLB so we can have the basics: gas, electricity, water, law and order, a proper noodles bar…
#UniteLB, because if not NOW, then WHEN?
#UniteLB because I don’t have to climb the stairs to the 11th floor every other day because ma2tu3a el kaherba.
#uniteLB because religion belongs only in mosques and churches, NOT in the government. #feb27
#unitelb كرمال الوزرا يبطلو يزايد عالبنزين ع حسابي#lebanon
#uniteLB so we’ll have the freedom to work, live, learn and build, not just the lousy freedom of speech #feb27 #lebanon
#unitelb so we can stop wasting time on squabbles and get some real work done for this country! So much potential, so much to do!
and #unitelb 3ala wa6an.


2 responses to “#Unitelb

  1. #UniteBH has nothing to do with uniting Bahrain. Its a hash tag for Sunnis and Shiites to fight. trying to have decent version for LB is good idea though.

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