bachelors and bachelorettes

Dear tweeters, in the event of running into the “perfect” spouse, please notify us!! by using the hash-tag #3areesla2ta .
It has been finally established, after long wait! the hunt for a #3areesla2ta (perfect bridesgroom) for @ladyb84 .. it well started when @ladyb84 discovered @trellalb secret crush on her (bas no 3arees intentions) @noornet joined the spirit of the hunt and so did @mich1mich @footnem @funkyozzi @danyawad @_Archangelus_ and @samiaQ tonnes more! (140 characters weren’t enough to tag everyone eventually)

the wedding was planned before the #3areesla2ta was even found!! catering: by #Michcafe and #lebaneseMuffins/bakery , drinks 3ala #Pubdany , Photography: @footnem @funkyozzi @abzzyy .  and hiring BEACH BOY  BUTLERS ((  @tinafoxxx: “OMG..THEY HAVE A SERVICE CALLED BEACHBOYBUTLERS!! hot guys shirtless serving you drinks at a party!!…” ))

at end the wedding is ready with no #3areesla2ta in site … *drumroll*
so the wonderful @abzzyy proposed to @ladyb84 instead! 😀

may we wish them the best to come and read more about this on @Ladyb84 blog! (further #3areela2ta and #couple conversations still continue, if you think you can be the perfect spouse for @Ladyb84 please contact her on twitter ASAP)


13 responses to “bachelors and bachelorettes

  1. how did i stumble on this!

  2. Lol this is hillarious, when did all that happen? And of course min gheir @abzzyy saves the day?
    thank you @beiruttweets for keepin us updated 😀
    and happy hunting ….

  3. well, we found her lots of #3ersanLa2ta but non fits our standards ! we want to find the perfect one for our dear Lady B! plz send your CVs we will look into them and get back to you in 2 business days 😛

  4. i don’t want to be a lesbian ‘3aseb..kthx..!! bikafi everything in life is ‘3aseb.. can i chose my sexual orientation, now i’m super flattered that you chose @abzzyy to be my lesbian experience & lifetime partner but for her sake let’s “n7il hal 2irtibat” heheh can she just be my 3asheq..
    u’ll get me and my mistress RAWR…oh ramadan karim -_-

    the search is still on, we’re waiting for MBC to contact @trellalb

  5. wa7ad #3areesLa2ta hon please :p

  6. mafi #3aroosLa2ta for me? 😛

  7. Hahah… I didn’t propose, jawazouna bil ghasseb :P… I only initiated the #3areesla2ta hashtag… Bass yalli byetla3 biwejou 3areesla2ta ma ywaferna looool… W 3a2bel l 3ayzeen

  8. w 3a2bel 3endkoun 😉

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