weekly roundup 30/7 – 6/8

Primarily love to welcome you to Beirut Tweets, your online magazine of the Lebanese Twittosphere!

First we’d like to bring to your attention some fading tweeps (2aw 3am ti26a3 il kahraba 3indon kteer) : @maeiva and @amer_daouk among others O.o , or the twittosphere became too much spam for them!

And Congratulate @RitaMou for Moo-ing our of Dentistry College! Mabrook! Hope we’ll all get discount coupons at the clinic (Lebanon’s internet can cause severe damage the teeth, it has been reported to cause bitting of cushions, chairs, keyboards, blackberries etc..).

@_BiGsAm_ and @mkdubai were in beirut for the week. The infamous welcoming tweetup was arranged @ Cafe Younes, Hamra (pictures), w kennit wil3aneh!
For more on tweetups in Lebanon, Like LebTweetups on Facebook.

@PascalAssaf ‘s introduced the long awaited surprise to “Jira7 fi Al Thakira” ; now you can do less than read the blog entries, you can listen to them being read to you!! (while tweeting to Pascal). اعتراف سجين

Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam 2 was  finally released, at ArtLounge, Karantina, wooohooo! @MayaZankoul ‘s book is a entertaining compilations + extras of her must see blog.

The twitter based blogosphere is flourishing (just like the economy).  @mich1mich released the one and only MichCafe , available on your screens everywhere… with blogs about life in Dubai, nature, haikus and much more.
@fadyroumieh also joined the blogoshpere with a Bleugg “This is a blog about anything, anywhere and at any time!” and it is! mamwafir shi il7amdillah! 😉
@michelle_zc also started her blog almost 2 weeks ago … and she is VERY active. First Generation and journeys to New York!!

@GeorgeZamroud seems to be having a constant problem with the electricity in Lebanon. unlike everyone else!

#PubDany is open every night at 11p.m. beirut time through @DanyAwad , any alcohol needs prior to that time will be serviced if they are emergencies only! and no problems occurred between @trellalb and @lebanesevoices over the word “raythama” … it was a scene from an upcoming scenario… il mohem! drinks at #PubDany keep the tweeps happy!

Now if our absent tweets pop back anytime soon, they’ll be fully updated! stay tuned for more features on Beirut Tweets!!


2 responses to “weekly roundup 30/7 – 6/8

  1. Great idea! This is going to be fun. And thanks for mentioning #MichCafe and all your support 🙂

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog!

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